Walk the Plank

       View from Churchville

The snow is falling and I have a beautiful view out the picture window. You cannot see the mountains due to the low visibility, but the sight is beautiful nonetheless. My African violet (blooming) is over 15 years old. It provided color at the lake house for seven years. Thankfully, it continues to enjoy life and bloom in Churchville!

So, what does the title of this post mean?! Walk the Plank. Take a look.

                Kitchen Door Entry

It was with deliberate small steps that I ascended into the house! I do not care to walk up those stairs that have no risers you often must use during the building process much less a precarious plank.

One stumble and …

                      Ten foot drop

This past Tuesday, the “wall” of our master bedroom had been constructed and vertical.

             Master Bedroom

Two days later, the worker bees are busy nailing and raising the “walls”.

                            Front Door
          Side wall with bedroom and master bath
     Windows and door in family room

Individually, we tend to go by the site when either of us can fit it into our schedule since we do not living in Harrisonburg. This past weekend, we made time to go visit the site together. Because our morning room (aka breakfast room) is on the smaller side, I wanted to pull out the ole’ tape measurer. One wall was definitely missing an inch or two. I don’t know what the standard error of measurement in building is, and there probably shouldn’t be one, but I know I need every inch from the blueprint in that room. Yes, I worried I was exhibiting beyond my Type A personality…This morning a conversation with our builder clarified everything since the builder was on the site despite the snow falling.  The framer had carried the 2 x 6 boards from the front porch all the way to the inside walls of the morning room. It did expand my foyer by approximately three inches, but the extra inches in the foyer are not of consequence to us. So, in the snow today, the framers are working and all will be corrected. Side note: The dimensions in the house gain inches due to the foundation.

We spent many, many months on our blueprints hoping to avoid any changes once construction began. Did we really think we could begin and end with no changes?!

1st change: Remove doors and switch to pocket doors.

Our draftsperson allowed 2 x 6 walls for pocket doors and our builder only needs 2 x 4. This prompted us to add a pocket door to the laundry room and the half bath. The half bath always presented a challenge for arrangement of toilet/vanity and door, so to add a pocket door without taking up any of the hallway width was wonderful. Eclisse sells pocket doors with soft close that may be desirable for the half bath; perhaps a better locking system as well.

              Laundry and Half Bath Doors                                        pre-pocket doors

2nd Change: This via our builder.


“Why not remove the columns on the porch and replace with two 14-inch LVLs for a beam. Removal allows a clear sightline to the backyard.” YES! Truss engineers were consulted, and it is a “go”!

We are so thankful to have a builder who is continually using his experience and his own homeowner desires to present ideas to us.

                                      It’s a wrap!