Up, Up and Away

                               Walk-Out Basement

While I was eating lunch with a good friend in Staunton, Steve was snapping photos! I cannot believe how quickly a day or two makes a difference. Loving the sun shining even though this is the walkout basement – double glass doors and a window where Steve will have his “man cave”! That translates to trophy room with mounted animal heads such as Blackie the Bear and several deer as well as a stuffed pheasant and wild turkey. The antelope Steve shot in Wyoming this past October has yet to be mounted, but I do believe it will be on a wall somewhere on the first floor. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but an antelope will  add a special (unique?!) touch to the decor.  I am still contemplating exactly where this antelope will be placed. Perhaps I will need to wait until he returns from the taxidermist.

                              First Floor Joists

Earlier this week we met with our builder about the front elevation. Our last house had six steps to the front door. Those six steps translate to five treads and six risers. Terminology is critical when communication desires and wishes with owner and builder. Our blueprint had two steps to the front door…wouldn’t that be grand?! So to take into consideration the topography of the lot and the desire to have as few steps as possible, we finally reached a consensus. Three treads and four risers. I’ve enjoyed using Mark-Up so I have a visual, and easy to share with the builder in case words do not suffice.


I leave for a trip to Florida with my friend on Monday for the week. Wonder what a visit upon my return will hold…stay tuned!