Site Staked

                                                                                   Our lot

We are building in a neighborhood that requires approval through the submission of blueprints, site plan, paperwork, blah, blah, blah….Most of the paperwork is so repetitive you begin to question whether you should build or not in this neighborhood! Sheet after sheet requests the color of your roof,  your name, etc., when you have already supplied it on the first sheet of many. How many times do you need to provide it?! (To be fair to anyone building, more times than not your chosen builder will complete and submit the paperwork for you.)

Even more interesting, and the first challenge for us, was writing down not only the color of roof (black) but we had to include the brand. At that time, we only knew we were doing a black roof. Oh, wait, we hadn’t really decided on the stone and stucco so a gray roof may look better than black.

Hmm… “Let’s write down black.”

“We don’t know what brand the builder likes to use and forgot to ask, so let’s put down GAF.”

Stone: Brand and color. “Okay. El Dorado and gray.” We knew it would be El Dorado because our builder provided that brand as one to use. That was not specific enough for the approval committee, so we wrote down “Andante Fieldledge or Falling Springs”. Yes, I had looked at several stone profiles and colors already but had not decided. (Whisper, whisper…we have not decided yet!)

Facia, rake, door color, window trim…all the things we needed to know way before breaking ground and making those final decisions!

Alas, we were approved a week ago with very little scarring from the experience, and within days the lot was staked.

Love the pink ribbon on wood stakes!

 Where is the front door to be located?!