Roof Trusses

I know! Is this not cool?! It is actually a rendering of the roof trusses sheltering the first floor family room. Here’s more….

2D Rendering
Another View
If I were a bird!

Our builder shared an app this morning with us, Mitek Sapphire. I downloaded it on my iPhone, and it is just what I needed this morning as a distraction. I awoke from a dream about neighbors on Claremont Avenue. (760 Claremont Avenue will be our new street address.) In addition to my subconscious mind messing with me, I was second- guessing our roof color selection as I retired to bed last night. This morning I shot off a quick text to our builder and will be off to look at shingles with my sample stone and stucco color in hand. I am hoping the brand we wish to use has a gray without a blue, green or purple undertone; otherwise it will have to be black.

Now for some actual photos of the roof being installed. As you can tell, the roof is rather complicated which means a little longer for the workers to linger in the air!

Lift me up!
Measuring and Balancing

We do not often travel to town to see the house since it is forty minutes away from us, but there are specific stages of the building process I strive to see. One is the pouring of the concrete in the basement. While I did not arrive early enough to see the concrete mixed and poured, I did arrive as the floor was being smoothed using this piece of equipment.

(Stock Photo)
Looking in from the outside

I have to admit…it is starting to feel like home!