Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh, my!

Delivered and ready.

          Exterior doors
Sun tunnel master bath
       Pocket door frames
        Stairs to basement

The past two weeks have found everyone imaginable visiting the house and asking us to determine the “where and what”. First arrived the HVAC  technician. He is as toasty and warm as I hope our heating system will be! Besides trying to decide where the thermostat will be placed, he inquired where the two returns would be located.

Painful flashback to 1990 and Chestnut Drive blueprints. Enter HVAC asking where to place returns!  We installed through the family room closet up to the second floor through one of the girls’ closets. It was painless.

This time, with an open concept home, one doesn’t have many closets in which to install a return. I admit it was a challenge…and no suitable location could be found that day.

Fortunately, my hubby and Mr. HVAC figured out a plan after I had left the site. One is in the pantry where space was ample. The other is on a short wall as you enter the master bedroom; not ideal but better than anywhere else. Note to self if we ever build again…draw in where your HVAC returns are going to be located!

                        Entering Master

Along the way I finally figured out what the acronym HVAC means… heating, ventilation and air conditioning. I know, I know…simple, right!?

Next came the roofers. A sigh of relief as the chosen color of black became a soft black when actually applied.

A week later, the metal roofing at the front and side is applied. I love it!

   Roof dappled by light through trees.
          Standing Seam Metal Roof

Knocking at the door next was the soft-spoken and patient electrician.  An additional blueprint sheet, marked with every can, fixture, receptacle, etc., had been completed many weeks ago on my computer hoping to make this meeting efficient. Two and a half hours later, the electrician and I ended the task. One day later, the process of reviewing where a receptacle would be and if another can was needed…that’s right…I made revisions with my hubby alongside me and ended the evening printing pages for the electrician. All is good!

Or was it? All was good until I took a little trip and spent a few nights with my artist friend. Through conversations and a visit to her studio, I was armed with better information on how best to light a painting in the kitchen area as well as how to light my studio. Another note to the patient and soft-spoken electrician…

Finally, the last visitor for the week would be the sound system guys. This time hubby and I were on site to walk-through. I could not tell you what one single item to which they referred looks like or what function it performs until they spoke the word, “television“! Which brings me to a dialogue exchange between hubby and me.

      Me: (spoken to the audio guy) I’d like a tv here on this wall.” 

      Hubby: “You know how I feel about tvs in the bedroom.”

       Me: “I have lived 40 years without a tv in our bedroom, and I want to live the next 40 years with one.” (spoken gently, of course)

Thus ends another week in the house-building process.